Computer courses to help you stay informed, connect with family and friends, and keep you engaged and entertained.

Learn how to use an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Computer Pals for Seniors Eastern Suburbs (Compals East) offers computer courses to help seniors keep up with the ever-changing digital world.

Do you want to start with computer basics, improve your skills on WORD, EXCEL, online shopping, social media or learn how to create your own blog?

Do you have a specific computer/smart phone problem you need help with?

We offer small classes, one-on-one coaching, seminars and workshops, on a variety of computer programs and smart phones.

Classes and coaching are conducted during school terms.

Check the Timetable for each term and choose between small classes, one-on-one in-person sessions, one-on-one virtual sessions, 1-hour or 2-hour classes/sessions.

If you can’t find the computer course you are looking for on the Timetable, contact us and we will find or tailor the right computer course for you.

Enrolment by email

Email compalsbondi@gmail.com your name and details (must include a phone number), and the session(s) you would like to join. We will contact you to confirm the booking.

Contact us

Email us on compalsbondi@gmail.com with questions about the Timetable or Enrollment.

Call us on 0481 913 283.

Courses include:
  • Windows  computer
  • Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple laptop/MacBook
  • Android phone or tablet
  • Google products and services
  • Managing your photos
  • Making your own photobook
  • Greeting cards
  • Turn photos into a video
  • Transferring photos from a smartphone or tablet to your PC
  • Online shopping
  • Safety online

Computer Pals Club for Seniors Eastern Suburbs would like to thank Waverley Library and Waverley Council for their support.